Proton International

Proton International

Dear reader,

Welcome to the website of Proton International. The Proton International committee intends to annually arrange a foreign trip for around 24 chemistry students at the Utrecht University. Examples of past trips are: Tallinn and Helsinki; Santiago; Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool; and Istanbul. This year we will be visiting Milan and Bologna in Italy. During this trip we intend to visit different chemical companies and institutes as well as universities. The preparations are ongoing: The tickets have been booked and the first visits at universities and companies have been arranged.

On this site we will keep you up to date about the study trip. The information given to the participants, the program of the trip, the sponsors and the photos. Most of this information can be found online, the rest will be updated during the year.

If there are any questions, you can send us an email (contact information below).

Kind regards,

Saydi Knook