Proton International

Proton International

Dear reader,

Welcome to the website of Proton International! Proton International is a committee consisting of 8 students who organize an annual study trip for chemistry and molecular life science students of Utrecht University. During this trip the participants can discover chemistry in another country, showing them the possibilities to study or even work abroad. 

The past years we went to Bologna and Milan, Toronto and in April 2019 we travelled with a group of 26 students to Sweden for the 14th edition of Proton International. Many universities and companies in Stockholm and Uppsala opened their doors for us and enabled us to discover the chemistry and culture over there. We have met many interesting researchers and students who enthusiastically told us about their research, showed us around their laboratories and answered our eager questions about life in Sweden. 

Due to the consequences of Covid-19, we weren't able to visit the United States of America April 2020. This coming year, we hope to be able to organize another amazing trip for Proton International 2022.

Before you leave this page, take a look around on this website! We’ll keep you up to date about our preparations, give you hints for the possible destination and show pictures of the trips of last years, the program and sponsors. 

If there are any questions, we can always be contacted with the contact information below. 

On behalf of Proton International 2022,
Kind regards,

Stefan Bismeijer

From left to right: Sonja Wilms, Luke de Jong, Kim Bouwmeester, Stefan Bismeijer and Lucas Abbenhuis
On the hammock f.l.t.r: Bram Nanninga, Luuk van den Berg and Minka Snoek