Proton International

Fun facts

Proton International will travel to New York in April 2020! However, some of you may know little about this amazing city and country. Therefore, we will post some fun facts, information and other trivia on this page. Be sure to check it out, as we will keep posting more new stuff as the trip comes closer!

Central park

  • Central Park was the first public landscaped park in all of the United States.

  • The park takes up roughly 843 acres of land, which is roughly 16 billion New York apartments. It is even bigger than the country of Monaco!

  • In order to create four transverse roads which cut through the park, the construction team used gun powder to blast through 30 feet of solid bedrock. It is said that more gun powder was used in this blasting project than was used in all of the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.

  • There is only one straight path in the entire park.

  • Over 9,000 wooden benches dot the massive park. You can even adopt a bench and write whatever you want on it.

  • Central Park’s trees cancel out over 1 million miles of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Planted throughout Central Park there are over 20,000 trees.

  • New animal species have been discovered in Central Park.